Allocate Time Received

Allocate (distribute) time entries received from idClock, Web Collect, or mobile devices.

  1. Select the Manage Time tab.
  2. Select a Resource Group. This is the group of employees whose time entries you want to allocate.
  3. Select a Payroll Group.
  4. Select the pay Period.
  5. Click Refresh to load the latest time entry records for the selected criteria.
  6. Select the employee whose time you want to distribute.
    The upper grid displays the employee's undistributed time punches; the lower grid displays time entries that have been distributed.
  7. In the upper grid, select the row with the hours to distribute.
    If needed, you can edit Start and Stop times or complete any required fields.
  8. Click Distribute selected row .
    To allocate multiple entries at once, click Distribute all rows . Hours are allocated to the appropriate jobs in the lower grid.
  9. If you need to add a time entry for distribution, click Add new time record .
    A new line is added to the upper grid.
  10. In the lower grid, add the hours allocation:
    • Modify Start and Stop times using an HH:MM format.
    • Verify the Total Hours that calculate.
    • Enter other required information (for example, Company, Job, and Phase).
  11. Click Save .
The system submits distributed entries for approval.