Copy Time Entries

Copy time allocations from one period to another as a way to save time, particularly when job assignments and hours are similar.

  1. Click the Personal Entry or Manage Resources tab.
  2. Select criteria for the current pay period.
  3. Click Refresh to load the latest time entry records for the selected criteria.
  4. Click Clone .
  5. In the Clone Distributions window, choose the pay period for the time entries to copy.
  6. Select the Include Amounts check box to copy allocations with the values shown.
  7. Choose how copied records will affect the current time period:
    • Append to Existing: Attaches previous allocations to the current time period.
    • Overwrite Existing: Replaces current time entries with the allocations from the prior period.
  8. Click the Clone button.
  9. On the Manage Resources tab, edit hours or other fields as needed.
  10. Click Save .