Delete Local Data Store Through Windows Explorer

If login errors prevent you from accessing Field Time Console or idClock, clear the local data store through Windows Explorer.

  1. Close Field Time Console or idClock.
  2. Open Windows Explorer.
  3. In the address bar, type %localappdata%.
  4. Press [Enter].
    Windows Explorer displays a list of folders, with a folder called ACS Connect at the top.
  5. Double-click the ACS Connect folder.
  6. Delete the following folders, depending on which application is producing errors:
    • Field Time Console [Version]
    • idClock [Version]
    Deleting these folders does not remove any data from the Field Time server. It removes only the cached Field Time Console or idClock files from your local machine.
  7. Log in to Field Time Console or idClock to ensure the errors were resolved.