Project Time and Costs

Use the Productivity tab to project hours and costs by job phase.

Projections are reflected against budgeted amounts that were set in your back office accounting system.

You must have the appropriate permissions in order to perform this task.

  1. Select the Productivity tab.
  2. At the top of the screen, select the Entry Code Type, Resource Type, Resource Group, Entry Date, Company, and Job for which you want to project productivity and costs.
  3. Decide what information you want to show in the projections, and click the applicable icons in the toolbar:
    Show units
    Show hours
    Show cost
    Show units per hour
    Show hours per unit
  4. Click Edit Phases in the toolbar to view all phases associated with the selected job.
  5. In the Edit Phase Selections window, select the Include check box for any phases that you want to include in the projections.
  6. Click Save .
  7. In the Projections area of the Productivity tab, select the Phase on which to base projections.
  8. Enter the projected Units to Add, Hours to Add, Cost per Unit, and Cost per Hour.
  9. Select the Show Projections check box.
  10. Click Refresh .
    Job activities that exceed budgeted amounts display in red in the grid.
  11. Click Save .
The system saves your projections based on criteria selected in the header. You can use these projections to Estimate Hours and Costs for a Resource.