Synchronize with Back Office System

Synchronize with the back office to retrieve the latest administrative data from your accounting system.

Field Time Console synchronizes with your back office accounting system every 30 minutes, allowing the latest administrative data to be passed from the back office system to Field Time Console. For example, if a new job is added in the back office, that job's data is passed to Field Time Console with the next sync.

If you need to retrieve back office data sooner than the next scheduled sync, run the sync manually in Field Time Console:

  1. Click the Administrative tab.
  2. Select either Administrative Functions or Data Management in the lower area of the left pane.
  3. Choose one of the setup options in the left pane. For example, Time Type Setup on the Data Management tab.
  4. Select the check box for Synchronize from Backoffice.
  5. Click Save .

Synchronizing with the back office is different from refreshing data. Click Refresh to access the latest information on the server.

To send data from the Field Time server to the back office accounting system, use the Upload tab in Field Time Console.