Work with Resource Groups and Global Resource Groups

Resource groups are personalized groups of employees (crews) or equipment that users create. Global resource groups are available to all users in an organization who have the appropriate permissions.

Within Field Time applications, resource groups and global resource groups allow you to pool employees or equipment in order to track time or usage.

  • Resource groups are set up by user. Only you can access the resource groups that you have created.
  • Global resource groups are set up at an organizational level. Only users with appropriate permissions can create, edit, or select global resource groups.

To set up or edit resource groups or global resource groups, click Resource Group Setup , available on the Manage Resources tab. The following tabs display, depending on the user's security role:

Tab Requires a Security Role with this Permission
Edit Resource Groups ManageResourceGroups
Edit Global Resource Groups EditGlobalResourceGroups
Select Global Resource Groups SelectGlobalResourceGroups
In addition to the appropriate security role, users must have permission to access the records contained within each resource group or global resource group.