Activate Kiosk Mode

Activating kiosk mode requires setup in Enterprise Framework, idClock, Field Time Console, and on your Android device.

  1. In Enterprise Framework, configure the Field Time Console environment to Allow Mobile Device Kiosk Mode.
    1. Log in to Enterprise Framework, and select the Products tab.
      You must have administrator privileges to access Enterprise Framework.
    2. In the Environments column for the Field Time Console environment, click Configure.
    3. Click the Environment ID for Field Time Console.
      Current configuration settings display.
    4. Locate AllowMobileDeviceKioskMode in the list, and click in the Configured Value column for this setting.
    5. Enter Yes for the value.
    6. Click Save.
  2. In idClock, activate the Android tablet as a time clock device.
    1. Log in to idClock, and select the Preferences tab.
    2. Select the Active check box for the Android Tablet.
    3. Click the Terminals tab.
    4. In the upper left of the screen, select Android Tablet from the drop-down list of devices.
    5. Set Up a Polling Group for the device.
  3. In Field Time Console, create a clock-in ID for each resource, and activate the Android Kiosk system module.
    1. Log in to Field Time Console, and click the Administration tab.
    2. Under Administrative Functions in the left pane, select Resource Setup.
    3. In the ID column, create a numerical ID number for each resource who will clock in and out on the Android Tablet. This ID is separate from the employee's Resource Number.
    4. In the left pane, select System Management.
    5. Select System Modules.
    6. In the list of System Modules in the upper grid, locate Android Kiosk in the list.
    7. Select the Active check box for the Android Kiosk module.
  4. On the Android tablet, activate kiosk mode.
    1. Access Settings > Kiosk Mode, and tap Activate Kiosk Mode.
    2. Employees clock in and out using their unique ID assigned in Field Time Console.
    3. To send time records to the Field Time server, click Finish on the tablet while it is in kiosk mode.