Polling Clocks

When employees clock in and out, time records are stored on the physical time clock. Polling time clocks imports those records into the Field Time server, making them accessible in Field Time Consoleand idClock.

Before you can poll a time clock, you must set up polling groups. Polling groups identify the specific time clocks the system should pull records from when it polls a device.

You can poll time clocks manually or set up a polling schedule to run at regular intervals or specific times of day. When time clocks are polled, idClock sorts out time punches from all clocks and orders them based on clock in/clock out time. Employees can clock in on one device and out on another, as long as those devices are in the same family (for example, both Android or both ZK).

In idClock, you can review the following information for polled time records:

  • Activity tab: Summarizes all clock punches for the most recent polling period.
  • View Status tab: Shows employee start and stop times; indicates who is clocked in or out; and lists the companies, jobs, and phases associated with a time record.
In Field Time Console, you can use the Manage Time tab to review, adjust, and approve time records.

If any errors occur during polling, idClock displays a message. Common errors include the following:
  • A time clock does not have any records, which typically happens when a clock is inactive.
  • idClock cannot connect to a device. In this case, review the IP address you entered for the clock when you set up the polling group (Terminals tab). Verify this address with your IT department to ensure it is the right one.