Set idClock Preferences

After you install idClock, set user preferences for the application, and activate time clock devices.

  1. Select the Preferences tab.
  2. Under Options, select the check box for Refresh local store on startup.
    This ensures that your local data store is up to date each time you log in to the application.
  3. Verify that Require credentials on tab change is not selected.
    This option requires that users enter their password each time they select a different tab in idClock. Typically, you would select this option only if you have installed idClock on a shared computer that any employee can access.
  4. Under Active Devices, select the Active check box for the devices employees will use.
    If you are going to use the ZK Software TFT device with fingerprint capabilities, the system looks for an accompanying adapter (SDK). You must install the adapter for a ZK device so that idClock can communicate with that device.