Add a New Employee in idClock

As needed, you can use the Enrollment tab in idClock to add new employees or temporary workers who are not already in your accounting system.

New employees must be assigned to a Payroll Group in order for their clocked hours to show on the Manage Time tab in Field Time Console.
  1. Select the Enrollment tab.
  2. Enter all or part of the employee's name, and click Search to verify that the employee is not already in the system.
  3. Click Add New Resource.
    This button is available only if you clicked Search in the previous step.
  4. In Resource No., enter the employee's resource ID number.
  5. For Description, enter the employee's first and last name.
  6. In Type, select Employee.
  7. In PR Group, select a payroll group for this employee.
    You must assign a payroll group to the employee in order manage this person's time in Field Time Console.
  8. Select a Company and Department for the employee.
  9. Enter the employee's Email address and Phone number.
  10. Click Continue to Assign the Employee to an Enrollment Group.