Clock In to Web Collect

Clock-in and clock-out times are sent to Field Time Console and idClock automatically.

In Enterprise Framework, the TimeClockMode setting indicates whether users must select a job and phase after clocking in to Web Collect.
  1. On the Home screen, tap Clock In.
    If TimeClockMode is set to Simple for this environment, you are clocked in and no additional steps are needed. If TimeClockMode is set to Enhanced, continue with the following steps.
  2. Choose a clock-in option:
    • Resume Previous (if you are continuing work on a job)
    • New Assignment (if you are starting work on a different job)
    • No Assignment (if your work is unrelated to a job)
  3. If this is a new assignment, select a Company, Job, and Phase.
  4. Tap Submit.
A user's clock-in or clock-out Status displays on the Manage Time tab in Field Time Console and the Activity tab in idClock.