Issues Fixed

The following issues were fixed in the Field Time Console 3.8.190 release.

Feature Issue# Description
Job Cost Unit Setup 67368 Manually syncing Job Cost units with the back office system results in the sync running twice. Events log shows sync as running only once.
Manage Resources 64556 For integrations with StarBuilder, workers’ compensation codes are excluded from a timecard batch when Currency is selected as the Entry Code Type.
66610 The ability to use keyboard arrow keys to navigate through grid fields is not working as expected.
67760 Blank jobs and phases are uploaded to the back office system even if those fields require entries.
Preferences 68712 Deactivating a user’s default entry code in Field Time Console results in errors when entering personal or group time in Web Collect.
Upload 69473 Search results do not match criteria in all cases if blank timesheet records are included in the grid (Include Empties? set to Yes).
69685 During the upload to Vista, jobs that were set up without local tax codes do not default to the employee’s resident local tax code.
69610 If the Shift Override column is used, errors result when uploading records to Vista or running the Pre-Upload Validation Exceptions Report.