The GeometryTierInformation parameters are returned by certain APIs.

Table 1. Parameters
ParameterTypeMax LengthAllow NULLDescription
IDintegerThe unique ID of the geometry.
ParentIDintegerThe parent ID of the geometry.
Descriptionstring100The description of the geometry.
SortOrderinteger The sort index of the geometry within this tier.
HasChildrenboolean Does the geometry have children items that can be loaded.
Calibratedboolean Has the geometry been calibrated against a drawing.
GeometryTypeIDinteger The Field View geometry type ID of the geometry. A dynamic list GetGeometryTypes().
GeometryTypestring100The Field View geometry type of the geometry. A dynamic list GetGeometryTypes().
GeometryClassificationIDintegerY The geometry classification ID of the geometry.
GeometryClassificationstring100YThe geometry classification of the geometry.
Statusstring100Y The current status of the geometry.
StatusColourstring50Y The status colour of the geometry.
GeometryImageIDintegerY The geometry image id of the cut out of the calibration.
CalibratedGeometryImageIDintegerY The geometry image ID of the drawing against which the geometry was calibrated.
Activeboolean Is the geometry active and available for use. (Deactivated geometry can be reactivated.)
Deletedboolean Is the geometry deleted. (Deleted geometry cannot be reactivated.)