Returns the entire sub-tree hierarchy below the element.

  • Quota: 1
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Type Max Length Required Description
apiToken string 20 Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
rootElementID integer If provided, returns the entire sub-tree hierarchy below the element. If not provided, returns the full geometry tree for the project.
projectID integer Y The project ID for which to retrieve information.
activeOnly boolean Y If true, only active geometry items will be returned. If false, deactivated geometry items will be returned too.
pageSize Integer If specified, the number of results to return on a single page.
pageIndex Integer If specified, the page you want to view, with total number of pages based on the size of the result set and your page size entry.
Note: Use the pageSize and/or pageIndex parameters to acquire and view smaller result sets, sorted ascending by SortOrder, then ID.
Table 2. Returns
Field Type Description
GeometryTierInformation GeometryTierInformation Geometry tier information structure.