The GetOrganisations() command returns a list of organisations in Field View.

  • Quota: 1
Table 1. Parameters
ParameterTypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
apiTokenstring20Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
namestring100 The name of the organisation.
aliasstring100 The alias of the organisation e.g. SRM, LOR, BB.
registrationNostring The company registration number of the organisation.
idGreaterThaninteger You can use this filter to retrieve new organisations added since you updated a local store.
startRowintegerY The start row range of records you wish to retrieve.
pageSizeintegerY The number of records you wish to retrieve. Must be less than, or equal to, 1000.
Table 2. Returns
OrganisationInformationOrganisationInformationOrganisation information structure.