The GetProjects() command returns a list of projects in Field View.

  • Quota: 1
Table 1. Parameters
ParameterTypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
apiTokenstring20Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
projectNamestring100 Filters the returned results where the project name contains the supplied string.
businessUnitIDs String[]100Filters the returned results where the project's business unit is in the supplied business unit IDs. Otherwise, the function will return all projects in and below the business unit ID against which the API token was configured. The business units IDs should be contained in GetBusinessUnits().
activeOnlybooleanY If true, only active projects will be returned. If false, all projects will be returned.
startRowintegerY The start row range of records you wish to retrieve. This parameter is zero indexed.
pageSizeintegerY The number of records you wish to retrieve. To retrieve all rows in one call, specify a number large enough to cover the number of projects that exist in your organization.
Table 2. Returns
ProjectInformationProjectInformationProject information structure.