The ProjectOrganisationInformation parameters are returned by certain APIs.

Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Type Max Length Allow NULL Description
ID integer The unique ID of the organisation.
Name string 100 The name of the organisation.
Alias string 100 Y The alias of the organisation, for example, SRM, LOR, or BB.
RegistrationNo string 50 Y The company registration number of the organisation.
OrganisationTypeID integer The business unit type ID of the issued to organisation. A dynamic list GetBusinessUnitTypes().
OrganisationType string 100 The business unit type of the issued to organisation. A dynamic list GetBusinessUnitTypes().
OrganisationEmail string 255 Y The e-mail address(es) that are notified for tasks assigned to to this organisation. Multiple e-mail addresses are separated by a ;
HasProjectRole boolean Has this organisation a project role specified.
Active boolean Is the organisation active and available for use.