The AddFormDocument() command allows the user to add a document to a form.

  • Quota: 10
Table 1. Parameters
ParameterTypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
apiToken string50yYour Field View API token.
formId string y The form ID to which the document will be added.
documentBytesstring15MByThe contents of the document.
fileNamestring255yThe file name of the document you wish to attach to the form.
Table 2. Returns
formIdstringIf successful, the form ID to which the document was added.
statussuccess or fail messageThe status of the request.

Sample request


Sample response

   <AddFormDocumentResult>{"ID":"F1.1900","Status":{"Code":2,"Message":"Success. [ActivityId]: 6df820ae-66e3-4c97-8e32-de70d113dd9a"}} </AddFormDocumentResponse>