The AddSimplePredefinedAnswerItem() command adds a single item to the list specified.

  • Quota: 1
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Type Max Length Required Description
apiToken string 20 Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
predefinedAnswerGroupId int Y The unique ID of the group.
description string Y The description text of the item.
projectId int N If not specified will appear against all projects.
weight decimal N Weight value optional but if not specified will default to 0.
score decimal N Optional score value.
colour string N Must be in hexadecimal format eg: "#ffffff".
parentId int N If the predefined answer (PDA) group is hierarchical, you can supply the parentId to specify which parent the new answer should be inserted under
sortOnInsert boolean N If you set this to true, all the PDAs in the specified group will be sorted alphabetically. If the PDA group is hierarchical and you supply the parentId, only the direct children of the specified parent will be sorted.
Note: Don't use this option if you keep your list sorted non-alphabetically.
Table 2. Returns
Field Type Description
ID integer The ID of the item that was added.
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