The Edit{QuestionType}QuestionAnswer() command edits a form question answer.

  • Quota: 2
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Type Max Length Required Description
apiToken string 20 Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
questionAnswerRequest QuestionAnswerRequest Question answer request.
Table 2. Returns
Field Type Description
ID string The ID of the form answer.
Table 3. Validation Logic for Data
Data Validation
EditAssetQuestionAnswer The asset exists in Field View.
EditDateQuestionAnswer Is a proper date format. Example: 2001-01-01.
EditDateTimeQuestionAnswer Is a proper date time format. Example: 2001-01-01. 12:00:00
EditFormExpiryQuestionAnswer Is a proper date format. Example: 2001-01-01 12:00:00
EditIssuedToQuestionAnswer The organisation exists.
EditLocationQuestionAnswer The location exists.

The value is no more than 100 characters.

EditLogicalQuestionAnswer No validation currently.
EditMeasurementQuestionAnswer The value is either yes or no.
EditMemoQuestionAnswer No validation currently.
EditNumericQuestionAnswer The value is a number.
EditPredefinedQuestionAnswer The value exists as a predefined answer.
EditProjectCauseQuestionAnswer The cause exists.
EditProjectOrganisationQuestionAnswer The organisation exists.
EditProjectPackageQuestionAnswer The package exists.
EditProjectPersonQuestionAnswer The person exists.
EditProjectTradeQuestionAnswer The trade exists.
EditTextQuestionAnswer No validation currently.
EditTimeQuestionAnswer The value is proper time format. Example: 12:00:00
Table 4. Validation Logic for All Question Answers
Validation Error Message
Check if the form is read-only. Unable to edit this question when the form is read-only
Check if the FormTemplateID that is passed matches the type of question being edited. Unable to edit this question when the FormTemplateID does not match the question type that is being edited.
Check if the FormTemplate ID exists. The request FormTemplateID does not exist in the database.