Provides all the information for a form template including child questions, groups, and table groups.

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Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Type Max Length Required Description
apiToken string 20 Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
formTemplateId string 20 Y The unique ID of the form template.
Table 2. Returns
Field Type Description
FormTemplateId integer the ID of the form template question
ParentId integer the ID of the parent
ShortQuestion string These have different meanings based on the node type. See below for details.
LongQuestion string
SortOrder integer the order of the question within the form template
Level integer the question's level within the template heirarchy
NodeType ListOfFormTemplateNodeTypes the type of node; options are Question, Group, Hyperlink, or Static Text
QuestionType ListOfQuestionTypes the type of question
These pertain to the API generally:
  • The hierarchical structure of the form template is identified by the relationship between ParentID and FormTemplateID.
  • Table columns are identified by their ParentID being the table's FormTemplateID.
  • Static tables have a special "Static Column" question that is a child of the table.
  • Static table row headers are identified by the NodeType "Static Column", and are children of the special "Static Column".
These pertain to the ShortQuestion and LongQuestion:
  • If the NodeType is Question:
    • ShortQuestion is the "Question Title"
    • Long Question is the "Question Advice"
  • If the NodeType is Group:
    • ShortQuestion is the "Group Title"
    • Long Question is the "Long Description"
  • If the NodeType is Hyperlink:
    • ShortQuestion is the "Hyperlink Text"
    • Long Question is the "Hyperlink Url"
  • If the NodeType is Static Text:
    • ShortQuestion is blank
    • Long Question is the static text with Rich Text Format (RTF) markup