About formTemplateLinkId

Find details about the formTemplateLinkID parameter.

FormTemplateLinkID is the FormTemplateID of the original version of a form template. For example, if a form template named “Sign Off Sheet” has three versions, the FormTemplateId and FormTemplateLinkId values might look like the following.
Form Name Version FormTemplateId FormTemplateLinkId
Sign Off Sheet 1 100 100
Sign Off Sheet 2 200 100
Sign Off Sheet 3 300 100

In the above example, GetProjectFormTemplates only returns version 3 of the Sign Off Sheet template.

Using the FormTemplateLinkId of 100, you can then call GetProjectFormsList(), with a FormTemplateLinkId of 100, to get all Form instances of the Sign Off Sheet.

To further the example, if five Sign Off Sheets were created at version 1, 10 created at version 2, and 20 created at version 3, then calling GetProjectFormsList() would return 35 instances of the Sign Off Sheet, assuming the forms fall within requested date ranges.

FormIDs returned from GetProjectFormsList() can be used against GetForm() to return all of the questions/answers related to that form instance.