The GetProjectFormTemplates() command returns a list of form templates on the project. It will return the most recent version of the form template; older versions are ignored.

Note that the returned FormTemplateLinkId spans versions of a form template. FormTemplateLinkId can be used in GetProjectFormsList() to return all instances of all versions of a form template.
  • Quota: 1
Table 1. Parameters
ParameterTypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
apiToken string 20 Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
projectID integer Y The unique ID of the project.
viewAllOrganisationsFormTemplates boolean Y Subcontractors can also assign their form templates to the project. Set this to false to show only your business unit form templates. Normally this would be set to false.
includeInactivebooleanChoose whether to include templates that have been unassigned from the project.
Table 2. Returns
ProjectFormTemplateInformation ProjectFormTemplateInformation Project form template information structure.