The ProjectFormsListUpdatedInformation parameters are returned by certain APIs.

Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Type Max Length Description
FormTemplateID integer The unique ID of the form.
FormID string 20 The ID of the form.
FormAnswerID string 20 The ID of the answer.
FormAnswerLinkId string 20 The ID of the table row that the answer appears in.
QuestionType string 100 The type of the question.
DataType string 20 The datatype of the answer.
Question string 4000 The question the user was asked.
Answer string Varchar(max) The answer the user has entered.
Alias string 100 An alternate name that a question/group can have, if specified.
SortOrder integer Relative location an answer or table appears on a form (ascending).
AnsweredBy string 100 The user that has updated the question.
AnsweredDateTime DateTime The datetime the question was answered.
IsTableGroup boolean Whether or not an answer is a member of a table group.
Deleted boolean Whether or not the form has been deleted.
HasActions boolean If the answer has actions against it.
HasImages boolean If the answer has an image against it.
HasComments boolean If the answer has comments against it.
HasDocuments boolean If the answer has documents attached to it.
AnswerLastModifiedOnServer DateTime When the form answer was synced to the server from either web or mobile.