The SimplePredefinedAnswerGroupInformation parameters are returned by certain APIs.

Note: Each row contained in the form information list is an instance of a form template, that can be a Template, Group, Tablec Text. Some columns will only contain information for specific form template types. For example, the answer column will only contain information if the form template type is a question, and has been answered.
Table 1. Parameters
ParameterTypeMax LengthAllow NULLDescription
PredefinedAnswerGroupId integerThe unique ID of the Answer group.
DescriptionintegerYThe description of the group.
ProjectBasedAnswersbooleanIf the group items can be specified per project.
OrganisationIdintegerThe organisationId that the group is in.
OrganisationstringThe organisation name that the group is in.
AllowOtherbooleanIf a user can add another option when filling in a form using this group.
OrganisationUnitAndBelow booleanIf the list is visible to organisations below in the business unit structure.
VisibilityOrganisationIdintegerThe visibility organisationId that the group is in.
VisibilityOrganisation string The visibility organisation that the group is in.
ActivebooleanIf the group is active.