The SynchronizePredefinedAnswerGroupItems() is a batch operation that can insert and update multiple predefined answers.

  • API_FormsService.asmx
  • Quota: 10
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Type Max Length Required Description
apiToken string 20 Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
predefinedAnswerGroupId int Y The unique ID of the group. This can be acquired via the predefined answer group setup screen.
answerList APIPredefinedAnswer Y One or more APIPredefinedAnswer, the format of which is described below.
Table 2. APIPredefinedAnswer list format
Parameter Type Max Length Required Description
ProjectId int N If specified, the Field View project identifier to which this answer will belong.
ParentId int N If specified, the identifier of the parent answer to which this answer will belong.
Description string Y The description text of the item. This field, along with the group ID, acts as the primary key for the answer.
SortOrder int N The optional relative sort order of this answer within the answer group.
Weight decimal N The optional weight value of this answer. If not specified, it will default to zero.
Score decimal N The optional score value of this answer.
Colour string N The optional colour value. If specified, must be in hexadecimal format, eg: "#FFFFFF".
Active bool Y The active status – true or false – of this answer.