Returns an extended set of project properties, over and above what is available via ConfigurationServices.GetProjects().

See the return table below for the full list of properties returned.

  • Quota: 10
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Type Max Length Required Description
apiToken string 20 Y Your API security token configured in Field View.
projectName string 200 N If provided, projects are filtered by the provided string. Basic “LIKE” operation only. Wildcards are ignored.
businessUnitIds Int[] N Returns all projects directly associated to the provided business unit ids. Leaving this filter empty will return all projects associated with the apiToken.
activeOnly Bool N If true or false, only active or inactive projects are returned (respectively). If not included in the request, all projects are returned.
startRow Int Y Used for paging results. Must start at 1.
pageSize Int Y

Used for paging results. Page size must be 1 at a minimum, and no more than 500.

Note: If on the next call fewer results are returned than are set in pageSize, the end of the results have been reached.
Table 2. Returns
Field Type Description
GetProjectDetailResponse GetProjectDetailResponse Returns 0 or more ProjectDetailInformation objects, based on the provided filters.
Important: All dates returned are in UTC.
		  <Message>Success. [ActivityId]: f5915b9d-3dc1-4dfa-8a96-f61b0eefafde</Message>
			 <Name>Building #1</Name>
			 <ProjectOwner>Company 1</ProjectOwner>
			 <BusinessUnitType>Main Contractor</BusinessUnitType>
			 <ProjectType>Education - School</ProjectType>
			 <FinishDate xsi:nil="true"/>
			 <Address1>123 Anylane St.</Address1>
			 <Address2>Suite 200</Address2>
			 <Notes>Open-text notes.</Notes>