Create API Tokens

You can create API tokens from the Field View web application.

Your Company Administrator must create a Business Administrator account for each user needing access to the API Tokens page in the Business Setup menu.
An API token is a form of authentication similar to a username and password, and is required in order to use APIs.
  1. From the Field View web application, select Business Setup > Security > API Tokens.
    The API Tokens screen appears.
  2. Click the Add button .
  3. In the API Token Name field on the Add API Token window, enter a name for the token.
  4. Complete the remaining fields as needed.
    The Owned By Business Unit field indicates the API token can access any information at and below this level in your business unit structure.
  5. Click Save.
You can now use the API token. If you need to edit a token, see Edit API Tokens.