Change the Title of a Widget

You can change the title of a widget on the dashboard to clarify what is being shown. The title appears in the bar at the top of a widget.

Fastpath: My Field View > Dashboard
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field, and that the correct project is selected in the Current Project Is field.
  2. Select My Field View > Dashboard.
    Note: The Dashboard opens automatically when you log in to Field View.
  3. Click on the tab that contains the widget.
  4. Locate the widget you want to filter and click the Edit button at the bottom of that widget.
    Important: The Edit button appears at the bottom of each widget. Be sure to click the button on the widget you want to filter.
  5. In the Title field, enter the new title for the widget.
  6. Click Save.