Question Type Additional Fields

Find descriptions of additional fields that may appear as a result of Question Type selection.

Option Select if you want...
Add and remove Form/Task Actions A form or task to be raised on the device based on the answer the device user selects. Used only with Logical or Predefined Answer question types. Click in the cell next to the answer you want to raise the form or task, and then select the specific form or task you want to raise.
Select Predefined The device user to select an answer from a specific predefined answer list. Available only for Measurement and Predefined Answer question types. Select a predefined answer list.
Default Answer A specific answer to display in the form. A default answer can be overridden by the device user. Select or enter the default answer. In Text or Numeric question types, you can select a simple custom variable as the default answer.
Or set Default Answer from Custom Variable To use a custom variable as the default answer. Select the custom variable.
Good Answer Have an answer be the "good" answer. Use with caution. This is the answer used if Can Set Un-Answered Questions as Good has been selected in the form template and the device user does not provide an answer.
Calculator Enable the device user to perform a specified calculation. Enter a calculation or expression. The calculation can use answers provided for previous questions in the form.
Make current Date/Time the Default Answer Make the default answer be the date and time currently set on the device. Select the check box.
Make Default Answer Read Only Prevent the device users from changing the default answer. Enter an answer in the Default Answer field, and select this check box.
Make Answer Required Require an answer to the question before the form can be closed. Answers cannot be set to Not Applicable. Select the check box.
Allow Multi Answer Enable the device user to answer the question more than once. Select the check box.
Allow Multi Select Enable the device user to select more than one answer for this question including "Other". Select the check box.
Searchable Want the answer to be found using search filters on the Web Application Forms menu. Select the check box.
Use as the Form Title The answer to this question to be used in the form title when printing the form or viewing a list of forms in the Web Application. Select the check box.
Use for Analysis The answer to this question to be analyzed in reports. Recommended. Select the check box.