Template Details Fields

Find descriptions of the Template Details fields.

Template Details

Form Template
Enter a template name. This name displays on reports.
Enter a version using letters and numbers. You can also use decimals.
Barcode Prefix
Enter a barcode prefix if tablet users will be using barcodes to select a form.
Form Type
Select a type. If you need a form type that doesn't exist, you can create one by clicking . Form types are used to group forms on devices to ease form selection and on the web application during form analysis.
Form Workflow
Select a workflow.
Start Date
Select a date in the calendar. The time is populated automatically.
Expiry Date
If you have a definite expiration date for this form template, you can click one in the Expiry Date calendar. Generally this is not recommended because forms are often used longer than originally expected.
Long Description
Enter a description of the form template.
Report Description
Enter a description of the form.

Form Options

Can Set Un-Answered Questions As Good
Saves the device user time by allowing unanswered optional questions to be recorded as checked and acceptable. Use with caution because it also enables users to skip answering questions with actual answers. The "good" answer to a question is set in the Form Designer.
Form Tasks Must Be Closed Before Form Can Be Closed
Prevents the tablet user from updating the workflow state of a form to its “closed” state if there are any tasks raised while completing the form that are still open.
A Parent Form May NOT Change To a Read Only Status, Until THIS Form is at a Read Only Status
Prevents a main form being closed before a linked supplemental form has been closed, for example, a set of questions on a tax return that are completed based on the answer to a question in the main form. Not generally used.
Make form active
Selected by default. Makes the form available to be assigned to a project. Deselect this only if you do not want the template to be available.
Show in Shortcuts
Displays this form in the shortcuts menu on the device.
Send Thumbnails to Mobile Devices
Saves storage space on mobile devices by sending only a thumbnail version of attached images to mobile devices that access the form rather than the higher resolution version of the image.
Note: Mobile users can still access the higher resolution version of the image by tapping the thumbnail.

Report Options

Show Portrait Report
Selected by default. Deselect this check box to print the report in landscape format.
Show Project Name
Displays the Project Name at the top of the report. Recommended.
Show Project Reference
Displays the Project Reference at the top of the report.
Show Project Address
Displays the Project Reference at the top of the report.
Show Client Project Reference
Displays the Client's Project Reference at the top of the report.