Custom Variables

Custom variables are used in forms to input specific values for the project or business unit. They can be used in form calculation questions or as default values. Custom variables are used in forms as default values or as values applied in form calculation questions. You can set up and configure single and complex custom variables.

Custom variables can be configured at the business unit level or the project level. Projects inherit custom variables from their parent business unit. However, if the project's business unit does not have a custom variable defined, then the system will find the next business unit up through the hierarchical business structure that has a custom variable.

Additionally, custom variables can be added to projects. A project-level custom variable overrides the business unit custom variable.

You can enter the variables manually or by using the custom variables template.

There are two types of custom variables:

  • Simple: Has only one column defined. A single custom variable can have only a single value defined per business unit or project.
  • Complex: Can have multiple rows and columns defined. A complex custom variable is a lookup table that is used to find a value by matching a row value and a column value.