Distribution Lists

Distribution lists are included in form templates so you can send a PDF of a form to a specified group of people when the workflow status on the form changes to a specified status.

A distribution list is a group of one or more business people to whom you can send a PDF of a form when a workflow status changes on the form.

For example, you may want to send a copy of a form to the contact person at a subcontractor, as well as to the client representative and the general contractor, when the status of a quality check form changes from "Open" to "Ready to Inspect". In this case, you might create a distribution list called "Quality", and then configure a "Quality Checks" form to send a PDF to the members of that list.

Distribution lists are created within form templates at the business unit level. When a form is assigned to a project, that distribution list is included. Forms then can be configured at the project level to also send PDFs to project-specific distribution lists and project organizations. Additionally, both device and web application users can send a copy of the form to additional persons at the point of changing the workflow status of the form.

For a person to be a member of a distribution list, they must be active in Field View and have an email address in the Field View web application.