Predefined Answers Group

A predefined answers group is a list of answers that device users can select from when answering questions in a form. Use of predefined answers limits the available answers to a question. These answers can include measurements, the weather, locations of work, or anything else you want to track.

Enter predefined answers for a group one at a time, or export a template from Field View to enter multiple answers at once. Use the template to make entering multiple answers easier, faster, and more efficient, especially if there are several hierarchies of answers or many different responses.

Each predefined answer in a group must be unique.


Choose different attributes when creating a list of predefined answers, such as background color and the weight or importance of the answer.

Hierarchical Tiered Answers

You can also enter a hierarchy of answers for a more specific result. For example, your first tier of answers can be the floors of a building. The second tier in the hierarchy can be the rooms or hallways. The third tier can be the closets. The hierarchy of tiers is explained in more detail in Use the Predefined Answers Group Template page.