Use the Predefined Answers Template

You must already have a predefined answers group before you can access the predefined answers template. Export the predefined answers template into an Excel spreadsheet. Enter or change the answers, then import the template back into Field View.

  1. Select the group from the Predefined Answer Groups page.
  2. Select the Excel icon in the Predefined Answers pane to export the template.
  3. Open the template. If you've already entered answers for the group, you'll see those answers in the file.
  4. Enter or change the appropriate fields. See for Predefined Answers Group - Field Descriptions for field explanations or see Predefined Answers Group Template Tiered Answers Example on how to enter tiered answers.
  5. Save and close the template after all changes have been made.
  6. In Field View, click the upload Up Arrow icon in the Predefined Answers window.
  7. Select Browse.
  8. Navigate to and select the file, then select Open.
  9. Select Import.