Configure a Question Bank in a Form Template

Once you have created a question bank, you can configure a dynamic table within a form template to use the question bank. You can use question banks in form templates to quickly populate dynamic question tables from a list of questions.

A question bank must have already been created.
Note: Questions in question banks can be answered only in the Field View web application. The dynamic question table where the question bank is located will be visible on the device, but its questions cannot be answered on the device.
  1. If you are not already in the Form Designer screen:
    1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is list.
    2. In the Business Setup tab, select Standards And Templates > Business Form Templates > Configure Form Templates.
    3. Click Design next to the form template where you want to use the question bank.
  2. In the Form Designer, click Insert Table.
  3. In the Insert Tablescreen, enter a heading for the question group in the Table Group field.
  4. If desired, enter text in the Table Group - Long Description field. This will display on the device in smaller text under the Group Title.
  5. Make sure that the Show Static Questions In a Column check box is deselected.
  6. In the Question Bank field, select a question bank.
  7. Leave the Is Active check box selected.
  8. In the Question Alias field, enter a short description to represent the question in reports. This step is optional if the text entered in the Static Column Name field is shorter than 30 characters.
  9. Click Save.
  10. In the Form Designer screen, in the dynamic table you just added, click Insert Question Column.
  11. In the Insert Question window, in the Question Title field, enter a title for the question column. This title would relate to the question column in the question bank.
  12. If desired, enter explanatory text for this column in the Question Advice field.
  13. In the Question Type list, select Text. You must select the Text question type for this column.
  14. Click Save.
  15. In the Form Designer screen, in the first column of the dynamic table you just created, map the question bank question column to the dynamic table column. Do this by selecting the question bank question column in the field below the Question Title.
  16. In the Form Designer screen, add one or more question columns to the dynamic table. These columns can be any question type. They will serve as spaces where the web application user can enter answers to the question, which is in the first table column.
Once you assign this form template to a project, the question bank questions will become available to add when completing a form in the web application only.