Create a Question Bank

You can create a question bank that you can use in a form to quickly populate dynamic question tables from a list of questions. Once you have created a question bank, you can configure a dynamic table within a form template to use the question bank.

Questions in question banks can be answered only in the Field View web application. The dynamic question table where the question bank is located will be visible on the device, but its questions cannot be answered on the device.
Fastpath: Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Business Form Templates > Table Group Question Banks
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field, and that no project is selected in the Current Project Is field.
  2. In the Business Setup tab, point to Standards And Templates > Business Form Templates, and click Table Groups Question Banks.
  3. If desired, use the Search function to determine that the question bank you want to create does not already exist. If it does, you can stop here or edit the question bank.
  4. To create a new question bank, click the Add button .
  5. In the Add Question Bank window, enter a name in the Question Bank Name field.
  6. In one or more Column Name fields, enter meaningful labels. Some columns may contain criteria that the user will use to filter questions while searching for questions in the question bank. The column that contains questions should have a label that clearly indicates that they contain questions that can be answered rather than filtering criteria.

    An example might be a bank of questions about site inspections, where, when using the question bank, you want the user to be able to filter questions by first by Inspection Type and then Category before finding a specific question to answer. In this case, the first column will have a name of Inspection Type; the second column, Category; and the third column, Question.

  7. In the Visibility area, select the business units that can see this question bank.
  8. Leave the Active check box selected.
  9. Click Save.
  10. In the Table Groups Question Banks screen, right-click the question bank you just created, and then click Questions.
  11. In the Questions screen, click the Add button .
  12. In the Add Questions window, enter filtering criteria in the columns you have designated to be used as filtering criteria, and enter questions in the column you have designated as the question column. You designated the columns in step 6 .
    Here is an example of four questions in our sample question bank about site inspections. Each question in the bank have the same columns.
    Columns1st Question2nd Question3rd Question4th Question
    Inspection TypeDailyWeeklyWeeklyMonthly
    QuestionAre there any water or gas leaks?Are there any broken light fixtures?Are there working fire extinguishers available?Are there first aid kits available?
  13. When completing the Add Question window for each question, save the question:
    • Click Save when you are done adding questions.
    • Click Save And New to save and add another question. Repeat steps 11 and 12.
Now that you have created a question bank, you can use it in a dynamic table in a form.