A package is a grouping of work typically performed by subcontractors. Each package created in Field View is assigned to the organization doing the work and associated with a trade.

A package of work is assigned to an organization, usually a subcontractor, and is associated with one or more trades, for example, plumbing, decorating, groundworks, etc. A decorating package for an apartment project, for example, could include painting walls, installing ceiling tile, and hanging wallpaper.

Each trade has a number of common library tasks that relate specifically to that trade and these library task lists are added to the package when the package is created. This makes it easier for the device user from a subcontractor organization to select relevant project tasks on the device. Common tasks are stored in the Task Library.

You create packages in a business unit. Packages created at the business level are then available to be assigned to a project within that business unit. Time spent preparing the structure of the business unit packages and their details will save time in the long run and ensure a commonality and uniform approach. This particularly helps project analysis and subcontractor performance as well as providing familiarity for users of Field View.

Packages, trades, and organizations are set up on the Field View web application. Packages can be created, edited, and deactivated, and they can be customized when assigned to a project.