Add/Edit Package Fields

Find descriptions of the Add/Edit Package fields.

Package Name
Provide a name by doing one of the following:
  • Enter a package name.
  • To select a package from the business unit, click . In the Select Package window, select the check box for the package you want to use, and click Save.
Note: The package name should not be the name of the organization that will do the work.
Package Email
Enter an email address where the where task notifications will be sent.
Note: Viewpoint strongly recommends that you do not add a package without an email address. Once your project goes live, tasks will be issued to a subcontractor, but without an email address, the system cannot send notifications to the subcontractor.
Click , and in the Select Trade window, select the check box next to one or more business unit trades, and click Save.

Select the highest-level trade that the package includes. Because Library Tasks are associated with trades, this enables Field View to automatically import the most comprehensive listing of Library Tasks into the project.

Automatically Send New Tasks Issued to Report
Select if you want the system to send a report every night to the package/organization contact email, specifying the new tasks issued to them.
(Selected by default) Indicates the package will be active and available.
Our Reference
Enter the reference number or code for the business package, for the business unit that owns the project.

The reference information will display on reports.

Your Reference
Enter the reference number or code for the business package, for the organization the package is associated with.

The reference information will display on reports.

Resolution Period (days)
Enter the number of days allowed to resolve tasks associated with this package if you want the resolution period to be different from the default, which is seven days.
Click to look for the organization to associate with the package.

It is important to find the correct organization. Because organizations are stored in a system library and are not unique to your business unit, use the Search Organisation pane to find the correct organization.

  1. In the Search Organization pane on the Select Organisation window, enter search text in the Organization Name field and click Search.
  2. In the Organization pane, select the check box for the organization, and click Save.
Organization Email
Enter any additional email addresses to receive task reports. Separate multiple email addresses with a semicolon ; and no space. For example,;
Organization Type
(Required) Select Sub-Contractor. This categorizes the organization for reporting purposes.
Organization Role
Select a role for the organization. For most cases, Viewpoint recommends that you select the Subcontractor check box.
Send User Invitation
When selected, an email will be sent to the address in the Package Email box, inviting the subcontractor to join your project to manage their tasks.
Forename and Surname
Enter the contact name for the subcontractor.
Device User
Select if the subcontractor needs to be able to use a device.