Purpose and Definitions

The following details should be considered when adding packages on the web.

Purpose and Definitions
Field View pinpoints outstanding work by considering the type of work, its location and who will be involved in completing the work. What, Where, and Who.
A package of work is that assigned to a subcontractor, and is generally associated with a trade – for example plumbing, decorating, groundworks, etc. Each trade has a number of Common Tasks which relate specifically to that trade and these are added to the package at this stage. Common Tasks are held in the Task Library.
Sub-contractors are referred to as Organizations. Organizations' contacts can also be adding a package. The Business Unit is the Main Contractor. Specific Tasks, Packages and other parts of Field View are held at a Business Unit level and are cascaded down to projects created within that Business Unit. This helps you to enforce a standard package naming system across your business and reduces project setup time. This manual explains how to add Packages to the Business Unit (BU) which can in turn be used by other projects created within that Business Unit.
The packages and organizations (i.e. those carrying out the work) are set up through the Field View website: https://fvdocs.viewpoint.com/
By completing the Packages & Organizations stage of the Project Set-up process the ‘Who’ is created and the ‘What’ is in place.
A spreadsheet will have been prepared by the customer containing all Package and Organization information.