Add Organization Details to the Package

You can add the organizations (such as sub-contractors) directly to the package at the same time you create the package.

  1. Navigate to the project you want to work with. Point your mouse to Project Setup from the ribbon menu.
  2. Click Packages.
    The Project Setup - Packages page appears, and lists any packages already created on the project.
  3. Click the Add Package button to add a new package.
    The Add/Edit Package dialog box appears.
  4. Enter the name of the trade in the Trade Name field and click the Search button.
  5. Type in a few letters in the name of the organization required (for example: “mas” finds organisations with that character string in its name).
    Results appear under Organization.
  6. Select the check box alongside the name of the correct organization. Click Save.
  7. Select an organization.
  8. Add the email address of the organization's contact in the Email.
    Tip: To add multiple email addresses, separate each address with a semicolon (no space after the semicolon). For example,;
    Note: Task reports will be sent to these email addresses overnight detailing tasks assigned to the organisation only if you select the Automatically send new tasks issued to check box.
  9. From the drop-down list alongside Organisation Type, select the type of organisation created.
  10. From the list of Organisation Roles, scroll down and select the organization role, such as Subcontractor.
    Note: The description indicates organiser can only view and manage their own assigned tasks.
    Note: In order for the organiser to be able to manage assigned tasks, he or she will need to access the Field View website. The organiser will require an invitation to access Field View. To do this, click in the check box alongside Invitation Details and enter the name of the contact. If the customer requires the organiser to be able to use the handheld device, click in the Device User checkbox.
  11. Click on Save to complete the Add Package and Organisation process.
    Note: If you have further packages to create click Save And New.