Add a Trade to a Business Unit

You can use trades throughout Field View to indicate the type of work that needs to be done. If the trade you need does not appear in the Business Trades list, you can add it.

You should keep the list of trades short and simple because a Library Task list is created in Field View for each trade. For example, because Carpentry and Joinery share common tasks, your business unit could have one Carpentry & Joinery trade. While it is possible to create two separate Trades – Carpentry and Joinery – doing so will result in having two Library Task lists with duplicate tasks. This situation could quickly become difficult to manage.

Fastpath: Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Business Trades
  1. In the Current Business Is field, select the business unit to which you want to add the trade.
  2. Point to the Business Setup tab, then Standards And Templates, and then click Business Trades.
  3. Confirm that the trade you want does not already exist in the business unit by using the Search pane. Enter words or parts of words in the Trade Contains field, enter any other relevant criteria in the remaining search fields, and then click Search.

    Repeat this step several times to confirm that the trade you want to add is not already covered by an existing trade that is named with different words. For example, Painting would usually be part of a Decorating trade.

  4. If you are certain that the trade you want does not exist, in the Business Trades screen, click the Add button .
  5. (Required) In the Trade Description field on the Add Trade window, enter a description of the trade.
  6. (Required) In the Trade Category field, click the category for the trade you are adding.
  7. Ensure the Active check box is selected to make the trade available for use.
  8. In the Visibility field, select the option that indicates which business units can use this trade. If you select Business Unit and Below, click to select the business unit.

    We recommend that new trades be created at the top-most business unit to prevent duplication. This will make the new trade available to all projects of all business units of your organization.

  9. In the Owned By Business Unit field, accept the default. If the default is not the top-most business unit, click to change it to the top-most business unit.
  10. Click Save.
The trade is now available for use in Field View. You can assign trades to packages of work. You can also associate business unit library tasks with a specific trade in when adding or editing a business unit library task. When a trade is associated with a library task, the Library Task check box is selected in the Business Trades screen. Additionally, when a library task is assigned to a project, the trade associated with that task is copied into the project for reporting purposes.