Merge Trades in a Business Unit

You can merge one trade into another trade when you find two trades with different names whose tasks are similar enough that the two trades should be merged into one trade. This will shorten the list of trades and make their associated Library Tasks easier to manage.

You should keep the list of trades short and simple because a list of Library Tasks is created in Field View for each trade. For example, your business unit could have two separate trades – Carpentry and Joinery. However, because Carpentry and Joinery share common tasks, your business unit should instead have one Carpentry & Joinery trade. Having the two separate trades would result in having two lists of Library Tasks with duplicate tasks. This situation could quickly become difficult to manage.
Tip: We recommend you merge trades rather than deactivating them, because if you deactivate a trade, the linked tasks and packages would be lost.
Fastpath: Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Business Trades
  1. In the Current Business Is field, select the business unit in which you want to merge trades.
  2. Select Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Business Trades.
  3. Use the Search pane to find related trades. Enter words or parts of words in the Trade Contains field, enter any other relevant criteria in the remaining search fields, and then click Search.
    Repeat this step several times to find existing trades whose tasks are essentially the same but that are named with different words. For example, you might find both a Painting trade and a Decorating trade, even though Painting would usually be part of a Decorating trade.
  4. In the Business Trades screen, click the Merge button .
  5. In the Merge Trade list on the Add Trade window, select the trade you want to merge into another trade.
    You can merge only those trades owned by your business unit.
  6. In the Into list, select the trade you want to merge the first trade into.
  7. Click Merge.
The merged-into trade is now available for use in Field View. Library Tasks associated with the merged trade are transferred into the trade that has been merged into. Additionally, the merged-into trade replaces the merged trade in packages.

Once you have merged trades, you should notify your users and administrators to use the merged-into trade.