A process is a type of task that you need to repeat on a project or on many projects. Using processes allows you standardize tasks across projects and business units.

Note: Now in New Web!

Business Process template setup, including assignment to Projects and Locations, can be done in New Web starting with the June 2021 release. Please see Create and Configure Process Templates and/or What's New in Field View 2021 R6.

A process can have a form associated with it. You can make completing that form required, in which case the task can't be closed until the form is completed. A process can also have a business unit package and/or a person associated with it.

You can add a process to a business unit, which allows you to use the process on all the projects in that business unit and below, standardizing the tasks throughout all your projects and creating consistency across your business.

You can also add a process to a project, when you need to do something unique for a particular project.

You can make a process as simple or complex as you want. Keep in mind that you can only apply one package to a process task. If you have a large project where multiple subcontractors maybe be performing the same task, you would need to create a process task for each subcontractor package.

Before you create a process you should know the following:

  • The complete list of tasks within a process.

  • The order of the tasks in the process.

  • Who is responsible for each task.

We recommend that you plan your processes on paper before creating them in Field View.

The dashboard does NOT show progress on processes. There are a number of process reports available on the Process menu.