Assign a Task Type to a Project

You can add a task to a project by assigning it from your business unit to the project.

A task type is simply a task, a description of a required work item, a snag or a punchlist item, a checklist item, or procedure that must be completed in a specific location on a project.

Fastpath: Project Setup > Assign > Task Type
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit as selected in the Current Business Is box, and that the correct project is selected in the Current Project Is box.
  2. Select Project Setup > Assign > Task Type.
  3. (Optional) Use the Search pane to find the desired task type. Enter search criteria, select the Business Form Templates check box, and then click Search.
  4. Under the Business Task Types pane, select the check box for the task type you want to assign.
    Note: The Process check box is selected for process task types.
  5. Click .
The task type is now assigned to the project, and the task will be available on project devices once the devices are synced.