Add A Role

A role determines the functions, information, and permissions within Field View that are available to a user.

Be sure to select the highest level business unit to which users with this role should have access. Roles can have visibility into business units below the selected business unit.
Fastpath: Business Setup > Security > Roles
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field, and that no project is selected in the Current Project Is field.
  2. Select Business Setup > Security > Roles.
  3. Click the Add button .
  4. (Required) In the Role Name field, enter a name for the new role.
  5. In the Role Description field, enter a description for the new role.
  6. Select the High Level Role check box to indicate that this is the highest level role available. Deselect the check box for all other level roles.
  7. The Active check box is automatically selected.
  8. In the Visibility field, select the option that indicates which business units can use this role. If you select Business Unit and Below, click to select the business unit.
  9. In the Owned By Business Unit field, click to select the business unit that owns the role.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click on the role in the list to display the available privileges in the right-pane.
  12. To set permissions, select the check box next to an item and click one of the following:
    Click the Allow Right button to allow users with this role access to the selected item.
    Click the Deny Right button to deny users with this role access to the selected item.
    Click the Reset Right button to reset the access to the selected item.
    Repeat this step until you have set privileges for all items. You can save time by selecting multiple check boxes at one time. If you select a check box on a high-level folder, all items below it are also selected.