Add an Organization

Add a new organization that identifies specific a business in Field View.

Use the search feature to ensure that the organization you want to add doesn't already exist.

Fastpath: More > System Libraries > Organisations
  1. Select More > System Libraries > Organisations.
  2. Click the Add button .
  3. (Required) In the Organisation Name field on the Add Organisation window, enter the name for the organization.
    Note: Remember that everyone who uses Field View in the Viewpoint data center, not just your company, can see and use the organization you add.
  4. In the Organisation Aliases field, enter any other names the organization uses.
    For example, if Smith Plumbing also does business as Joe Smith Plumbing, add Joe Smith Plumbing in this field.
  5. In the Registration No. field, enter a company registration number.
    For example, in the United Kingdom, this is the number assigned to a company upon incorporation.
  6. Click Save.
The new organization is available to use in Field View.