A task, sometimes called a task type, is a description of a required work item, a snag or a punchlist item, a checklist item, or procedure that must be completed in a specific location on a project.

Tasks are categorized by task group, and each task relates to specific trade.

Many common tasks exist in the Tasks Library. Using common tasks creates efficiency and predictability throughout your business units and their projects. However, if the task you need does not exist in the Tasks Library, you can create one in a business unit. Tasks in the Tasks Library or in a business unit can then be assigned to a project.

You can also create tasks in a project, and then copy them into a business unit so they can be shared with other projects.

Once mobile devices are synced with the web application, device users can select tasks that have been assigned to a project and place them onto locations. Tasks can also be opened and completed on the device.

Task reports are available on the web application, where you can see information about the workflow status of the tasks, created and due dates, the organization and/or package that has been assigned to the task, and the issuing organization.