Add a Task to a Location in the Web Application

Device users most often add a new task to a specific location on the mobile device, but you can also add a task to a location using the web application.

A task is a description of a required work item, a snag or a punchlist item, a checklist item, or procedure that must be completed in a specific location on a project.
Fastpath: Tasks > View Tasks Lists
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is field, and that the correct project is selected in the Current Project Is field.
  2. Select Tasks > View Tasks Lists.
  3. Click the Add Task button .
  4. In the Add Task window, select a location. If you want to add a task to:
    A GPS location Enter values in the GPS section: lat, long, and Accuracy(m) fields.
    A location defined in the project Click next to the Location field. In the Location Picker window, expand the location tiers until you find the specific location to which you want to add the task. Click Apply.
  5. Add a task description. If you want to add:
    A business unit Library Task Click next to Add From Library Tasks. In the Search Library Tasks window, enter search criteria and click Search. Click a library task in the grid.
    A new task In the Description field, enter a description of the new task. Then select an option in the Task Type list.
  6. Complete the remaining fields in the Add Task window:

    The remaining fields may display depending on whether:

    • A default task has been set for the project.

    • You selected a Library Task vs. a new task in the Add Task window.

    Status To change the workflow status, click . In the Change Task Status window, select an option in the Status list, and then click Save.
    Issued To Select a project package in the left-hand list, and then select an organization in the right-hand list.
    Issued By Select a project person.
    Planned Finish Select a date.
    Caused By Select a project cause in the left-hand list, and then select an organization in the right-hand list.
    Priority Select a priority.
    Score Select a score.
    Actual Start Enter a date.
    Planned Start Enter a date.
    Actual Finish Enter a date.
    Remaining Duration  
    Resolution Enter a description of the solution or action that resolved the task.
    Save As Library Task Select this check box to save this task to the business unit Task Library for possible reuse in other projects.
  7. Do one of the following to save the task:
    • Click Save to save this task.
    • Click Save And New to save this task and add another.
The task is added to the location. Once mobile devices are synced, the task will appear on project devices as well.