Add a Task to the Task Library

If the task you need does not exist in the Tasks Library, you can add it to the Task Library. This will enable the task to be available to projects throughout the business unit.

Before you create a task in the Task Library, you must have created at least one non-process workflow.

A task is a description of a required work item, a snag or a punchlist item, a checklist item, or procedure that must be completed in a specific location on a project. Tasks are categorized by task type.
While some tasks, called process tasks, are specifically created for use in a process, these instructions cover creating tasks, not process tasks.
Fastpath: Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Tasks Library
  1. Confirm that the correct business unit is selected in the Current Business Is list.
  2. Select Business Setup > Standards And Templates > Tasks Library.
  3. To confirm that the task you need does not already exist in the system, in the Search pane, enter search criteria and click Search. Check the results, and if the task does not display, continue to add a task.
  4. In he Business Unit Library Tasks pane on the Tasks Library screen, click the Add Library Task button .
  5. In the Add/Edit Library Task window, enter a description in the Library Task Description field.
  6. In the Task Type list, click a type.
  7. Next to the Trade field, click .
  8. In the Select Trade window, find a trade by entering search criteria in the Search field and then clicking Search.
  9. In the Trade Name grid, select a trade, and click Save.
  10. In the Add Library Task window, if you want to make the task visible across all business units in your company structure, select the Organisation Global check box.
  11. Save the task:
    • Click Save to add the task.
    • Click Save And New to add this task and create another.
The task is now added into the business unit task library and can be assigned to projects.
Perform other task operations as follows:
  • To edit a task, from the Business Unit Library Tasks pane, right-click the task and select Edit.

  • To deactivate a task, from the Business Unit Library Tasks pane, right-click the task and select Deactivate. Once deactivated, the task will be hidden from the business unit.

  • To delete a Business Unit Library Task, right-click the task, select Edit, select the Deleted check box, and then click Save.